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Space Shifter image
Space Shifter image

Space Shifter


Space-shifter was born as a response to a shift in mindset and rising demand of biophilia as well as flexibility in the interior design industry.

Showing off the best of British design and craftsmanship. A sleek and minimal yet elegant solution that offers a great opportunity to display, divide and dwell.

Creating a product that has a positive impact on the users and the environment was one of the key objectives while designing the Space-shifter. Each component has been designed to be connected independently so that not only are the frame, planter and shelf sections interchangeable, but they can also be refinished day two increasing the life span of the unit indefinitely.

We created a product that combines biophilia and storage while providing the ability to be used to zone and define interior spaces without the need to build static inflexible partitions. The beautifully selected colour options and crisp fluted detail of the planters make the Space-shifter unique and innovative.

The Space-shifter is detailed using the most sustainable materials; sustainable timbers and core board that meets approved environmental standards. The product has been designed to meet the waste hierarchy standards set by Workbench and MF Design Studio; Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose and Recycle.