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Back to the 2020 Workplace


On many occasions the question “What will the workplace of the future look like?” has been discussed, little did we know that we will be designing offices with social distancing in mind. Over the coming weeks and months we will be returning back to the workplace as the “stay at home” restrictions are lifted. We will return to a different workplace setup to the one we know and are familiar with. Businesses top priority becomes maintaining the health and well-being of their staff and providing a safe working environment that respects the 2 meter social distancing restrictions.

As millions of us have been practising working from home over the past weeks; it becomes obvious that the role of the office is not “a place for people to work” as perceived in the past. The role of the office evolves and presents itself as an environment for people to socialise, interact and collaborate. With social distancing in mind, we face a challenge of harnessing the added value of being in the office; supporting the staff’s collaboration and interaction while keeping them apart.

As workplace experts we are exploring the impact of social distancing on the workplace environment. Focusing on 2 main aspects; the space and the people.

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